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Swimming practice hell | Funny Mommy Blog

swimming lesson frustration
Any parent with children of four years old and older will recognize this: The hell that's called swimming practice.
There is no subject that evokes so many general frustration with parents as swimming lessons. Which has several reasons.

Swimming practice frustration 1: impossible times

Swimming education often starts at the most inconvenient times. This means that you need to get your kids from school with turbo speed and then put them straight into the car up to be there on time.

swimming overwhelming heat

Swimming practice frustration 2: Chlorine air and overwhelming heat

Once arrived at the pool the familiar chlorine fumes move towards you. Not to mention the overpowering heat.

You rush quickly to the locker room to lift your child in her swimsuit or his swimming trunk (you will get it possible even warmer, because of all the yanking on clothes and the screech of an uncooperative child in a small booth. And oh yes, because of the turtleneck you've put on this morning without thinking straight).

Swimming practice frustration 3: Filthy canteens

Then with one hand you pull your child towards the swimming room while wiping the cold sweat from your forehead with your other hand. Fortunately, you've arrived just in time, mission accomplished.

After that you wander with your other child to the damp canteen (where everything seems to stick) to wait for your swimming child.

With a cup of lukewarm coffee and your phone, you have an hour to recover. At least if your non-swimming child cooperates and does not get a tantrum of boredom on the cafeteria floor.

swimming practice dripping hair

Swimming practice frustration 3: Damp bodies and dripping hair

When the swimming practice has ended it possibly gets worse. Again with sweat on your forehead and a towel ready in the swimming venue you wait untill your child finally comes out of the shower.

The child must be dragged back to the little booth where you attempt to rub your child as dry as possible, while wet hair is dripping chlorinated circles on your turtleneck.

You try to put the semi-wet warm legs of your daughter in a leotard as quickly as possible, because you want to go, get away from the heat and overpowering smell of chlorine. The child then freaks out because mommy is dressing her so roughly. Just a few more minutes more. Your kids hair needs to be blown dry, the coats have to be put on, and yes finally, you and your kids can go, go to some fresh air.

Thank god, swimming lessons have finished and we have survived (for this week).

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