zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Goodbye three, hello two: the dilemma of family planning | Funny Mommy Blog

Family planning method
Are we going to stick to our two kids or are we having a third child? This question is asked by my love and myself quite regularly. And maybe you ask yourself the same question.

About one thing regarding the family planning issue my boyfriend and I were sure: if we wanted a third child, we had to move quickly. At my age of forty there is not much time left.

Doubts about having a third child

My thoughts about having a third child are fluctuating constantly. The proportion is about 40 to 60, but unfortunately it flips every time. When I have a newborn baby in my arms, my hart melts and I immediately think: Just one more then!

poopy diapers
On other days I relive my pregnancies (vomiting for over six months, three times a day) with as a piece de resistance the long long hours of giving childbirth.
Also, I still remember all the sleepless nights, the crying and of course the poop diapers. Then of course there was such a thing as the possibility that this time we wouldn't be so lucky to have a healthy son or daughter. What difficult choices would we have to make?

Our busy schedule (we are two entrepreneurs) and the limited space in our house doesn't help. And after four years with two kids, I finally feel that our family works and I have just enough energy to handle things. Obviously, these are arguments that we can do something about, but the question remains whether we want to.

Little by little I've started saying goodbye to the idea of three.

Saying goodbye

sorting baby clothing
That's why I started sorting out all the baby clothes my youngest no longer fits. The best baby outfits I gave to a -soon to be a mom-friend. The rest I gave to the salvation army.

And yet .. there was still a voice in my head that if there would come a third child, I would just buy everything new. I had to anyway if it was going to be a boy (since I have two girls). Nonetheless, if it was a girl I would have no problem shopping for new baby clothes, since it is my favorite hobby.

In my second phase of an empty house is an empty head, the baby blankets, bed sheet and sleeping bags disappeared from our closets into another bag for the salvation army. They were gathering dust anyway since my two daughters sleep in a grow-up bed.

Having a puppy

third child or puppy
The third fase of saying goodbye was welcoming a puppy into our family.
Something small and cute to take care of, but with lesser impact than a child. But maybe my my fellow students at the puppy course will think differently about that.
The first month our puppy Sammie showed suspicious similarities with my childbed days. The only difference was that I had to remove poop from the floor instead of my daughters' bottoms.
The nightly puppy squeaking stayed limited to just one week. I wasn't affected by it anyway, because of my clever purchased earplugs.

Selling the expensive baby stuff

The final stage now truly begun. I photographed the carrycot, stroller and Maxi-Cosi are photographed and will be appearing in a few days on Things that you won't buy lightly for a second time since the total cost is the equivalent of a sunny holiday.

The final moment has arrived: Farewell to number three and two, I really love you!

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