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Mommy is sick, four tips that buy you me-time | Funny Mommy Blog

mommyblog about being sick as a mom

After diarrhea, various colds and the flu had gotten the best of my two girls, I really thought I had a lucky escape this time. Even the national flu outbreak apparently had no effect on me.

This was until last Sunday. After a night of no sleep and staying on the couch because of continuous coughing (lying flat down was impossible), I had to conclude that those bastards me had finally gotten the best of me. And with bastards, I mean my kids' germs.

Because of all the bacteria, germs and viruses that are flying round at school my kids regularly have colds. This usually takes a day or two and then they run just as happily through the house as before.

If they infect me, I'll be less fortunate: the cold reveals itself directly as a flu or a respiratory infection and I need at least a week to recover.

But how does that work: recovering when you are a sick mom?

Before I had children, I spend my ill days lying on the couch occupying myself with:
a) watching TV;
b) reading a magazine;
c) taking a nap.

But when you have kids, family routine has to go one, even when you feel sick to your stomach.
You take care of your kids, you make dinner, do the ironing, fold the laundry and you let the dog out for a walk. Luckily there is another way?

How do you get sick time when you are a mom?

#Tip1: Ask for help

For some reason, we moms don't like to ask for help. Why? It makes your life a lot easier
So go and ask your own mom to bring along a hot soup (all patients eventually want their mommy, even when they ar forty). Before you know it, your mom will have cleaned the mess in your house in no time. And if you're really lucky, she will even do your ironing at her home.

Don't forget, your husband can cook too. He didn't die of starvation when he was living in his bachelor patch was he? Just saying.

#Tip2: Leave things as they are

Yes, I know, there are baskets full of dirty and clean laundry that need to be sorted and folded. And, yes, the attick can use a good vacuum cleaning. Who cares? You can do all these things when you are feeling better. It's that easy.

#Tip3: Plan playing dates for your children

I know you are crazy about your kids, but when you feel sick you don't need your kids hanging around making you crazy. A few texts in your mommynetwork can work miracles. Within minutes you have arranged playing dates for your loved ones. An additional advantage: You do not have to race to school with your sick face from hell to pick up your children.

#Tip4: Hurray for Netflix and the I-pad

Okay, we all know that too much TV and I-pad time is no good for your kids. However, in times of sickness, emergency breaks laws.
With a Netflix subscription you are sure you can play a cartoon at any give time. Or just hand them the I-pad, so they can decide all by themselves what they want to see. Buys you at least an hour of me time.

So you can take an extra nap on the couch getting all healthy again. You're welcome!!

And.....feeling better already?

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